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<p>Sundy_🕌"They praying that I fail, I’m just happy they praying” I felt that in my spirit!😌 #ramadanmubarak #alhamdulillah #allahuakbar #prayerisbetterthansleep 🤞🏾mua: 🧕🕋 جمعة مباركة 🌙تحبوا البخور ؟ <br/>
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<p>Are you using your SUPER POWER?! #SelfConfidence 🙋🏾‍♀️💪🏾💥<br/>
Everything I’ve been able to accomplish in my life, I’ve done so by first believing in myself. When I was 18 & auditioned for SYTYCD one of the judges said to me “when a star walks into the room, you know they are a star. YOU are not a star.” ⭐️ I allowed this one phrase to destroy my self-confidence & I wanted to quit dancing forever. If I would have, I wouldn’t be where I am today. ————————————————————————-<br/>
It’s human for us to doubt ourselves at times and feel as if we can’t achieve/reach our goals. We often allow others opinions of what/who we are to deplete our confidence. We have constantly push to strengthen our super powers, to sharpen our belief in ourselves. My friend @courtneywatts shared this quote with me today: “Think of your negative thoughts like clouds drifting in the wind. Witness them but don’t be consumed by them.” You must tap into your power and allow the magic to happen ✨ #MotivationalQuotes #NegativeThoughts #SuperPower #Peace #InnerVoice #HealthyLifestyle #DanceOutOfTheBox #TeamFaster #PopsugarFitness #Dance #FitFam 💪🏾💯<br/>
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<p>Sevyn’s mommy🤰🏽3Months To Go …..<br/>
#sunday #love #summervibes #princess #blessed #glowing #fashionblogger #happy<br/>
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<p>🏢 As we are exploring how the fight for sustainability and environmental justice must be intersectional there is a lot of conversation and things that are not mentioned in the mainstream movements…. 🏢… If we are really looking for solutions there are certain issues that must be addressed and systematic changes that should be made to meet these needs. The solution lies within equity. We are so busy talking about how we can’t find solutions in our current system that we don’t dare to explore solutions that exist outside of that system. We only focus on what is politically possible, in the terms of keeping the power dynamics how they are.<br/>
#NewNewarker  By Nato Koury 📝 🎬 ..#starbucks #bet #mtvnews #nycfilmmakers #filmwork #Actors #Models #Musicians #rocnation #vh1 #saying  #revolttv #xxlmagazine #tmz #thenewyorker  #vladtv  #nyu #education #ambition #shaderoom #wshh  #empire ®<br/>
#TheMarathonContinues <br/>
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The masses say I’m a hypocrite bcs I followed my heart. Who shall I fear them or ALLAH?😌🤲🏾That was a rhetorical question! #allahuakbar #ramadan2019 #jumuahfridays Happy Friday everyone😊<br/>
rahmadanmubarak #alhamdulillahforeverything #prayerisbetterthansleep 🤞🏾 جمعة مباركة 🌙تحبوا البخور ؟ <br/>
#ramadan2019 #jumuahmubarak #behindthescenes …#diaryoftheday #NoShortcuts #lifelessons #fridayprayer <br/>
#trysomethingnew #enjoyyourself #voguemagazine fasting  #naturals #glows #tgif #myday #dondiva #trending #mothersdayweekend  #essence #lifestyle #selfcare #skinfood #noshortcutstosuccess  #phillygram #BlackWomenMagic #unicorns 🐞<br/>
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 Live Streaming from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
 Live Streaming from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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SHOW ROOM LINK CLICK  -> 2017 Rolls-Royce Ghost

Vehicle Overview

Inner Space

To drive is to command

Step into Ghost and take control. Every detail has been meticulously designed to create a dynamic feel - from the modern finishes to the contrast leather highlights. However, nothing will distract from the pleasure of driving. The new seats have been carefully sculpted to ensure you are in the perfect position and the controls are at your fingertips for effortless driving. Wherever your journey takes you.

An infinite attention to detail

The hand-stitched leatherwork takes over two weeks to complete, with nine hides required for each interior. Pre-shrunk and drum-dyed so the colour permeates right through; the soft, supple full-grain leather will never squeak or crack. Choose from a wide range of mono and contrast colour combinations in natural, full grain or perforated leather.

Only the finest materials

Each set of veneers comes from a single tree, creating a seamless flow from facia to rear compartment. Select from classic burrs like Palado or choose straight-grained Malabar for a more contemporary ambience. There are also crossbanded options to choose from such as Walnut Burr. Each piece is hand-polished to create a deep flawless shine.

A perfect pitch

The Bespoke Audio System has been refined to create a unique sound. With an incredible 18 speakers throughout the cabin, each has been carefully optimised to deliver the perfect acoustic balance. Depending on your mood, you can choose from two settings: Studio or Theatre for a completely immersive surround experience.

Design Presence

A new sense of purpose

The twin-turbo, 6.6 litre, V12 engine takes Ghost from 0-62 mph in a mere 4.9 seconds. This pure power is now beautifully accented by a wake, which elegantly tapers behind the Spirit of Ecstasy. So you can effortlessly surge through the world, following in her path.

A precise power

The new design at the front of Ghost Series II immediately hints at the power beneath the bonnet. The LED headlights have an instantly recognisable, modern shape, which is beautifully framed by the unbroken daytime running lights. This powerful look is further accentuated with the subtle sculpting of the bumper, while the chrome finishes on the lower grille create a contemporary feel.

A perfect complement

New 21" wheels are available making a bold, powerful statement. You can choose from five different wheel designs with two different finishes, each with its own special character. Every wheel features unique self-righting wheel centres that always correctly display the Rolls-Royce monogram and the classic 2:1 proportions of the wheel to body height is key to Rolls-Royce DNA.

Advanced Technology

Effortless technology

When it comes to innovation, simplicity is key. With the Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary Controller you can access directions, the internet or music and even scribe letters onto the touchpad with a mere swipe of your finger. You can enter navigation instructions or call up contacts simply by using your voice.

A car that anticipates what lies ahead

Satellite Aided Technology uses GPS data teamed with the navigation system to scan the road. It then reacts before the driver and automatically chooses the right gear on the eight-speed transmission delivering power smoothly, without any unnecessary gear changes. So you can surge round every twist and accelerate out of every bend.

The essential information where you need it

Everything inside Ghost is designed to make driving intuitive. The Head Up Display projects driving information such as directions and the speed limit directly onto the windscreen, allowing you to concentrate on the road ahead.

A clearer vision

A discreet infrared camera in the grille detects body heat of pedestrians and animals up to 300 metres away. Their thermal image is shown on the Control Centre Display, giving you time to pass them safely. Thanks to the high-resolution 10.25" screen you will enjoy a crystal clear picture on the Multimedia Interface. Every detail has been considered, right down to the 3D city view in navigation, which gives you a realistic interpretation of streets and buildings.

Stay connected

Rolls-Royce Connect integrates innovative functions into your car from your iPhone. Your chosen RSS news feeds will keep you updated on the move and you can listen to any radio station from around the world. With Google™ Send to Car and Local Search you can transfer your chosen destination directly into the navigation system, so you know where you are going as soon as you start the engine. In addition, a wireless hotspot makes browsing the internet on any device easy.



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Fighting in Gaza continues

  • Shijaiyah

    A Palestinian man carries an empty shell in the Shijaiyah neighborhood of Gaza City after a 72-hour truce agreed by Israel and Hamas went into effect, Aug. 5, 2014. Israel announced that all of its troops had withdrawn from the Gaza Strip after completing a mission to destroy a sophisticated network of cross-border attack tunnels.

    Credit: Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images


Ferguson and Fifty-Year Fire

A protester throws back a smoke canister in a protest spurred by the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson

On August 5, 1966, Martin Luther King Jr., and about 700 protesters marched through an outer Chicago neighborhood called Marquette Park to protest housing segregation, an ignominious endeavor in which the Second City may well have earned first place. The ethnic whites who lived in Marquette Park had no patience for King or his message. One of them, according to the Chicago Tribune, proudly displayed a sign that said, “King would look good with a knife in his back.” The sentiment was shared by many of his fellow citizens, and King was dead less than two years later. But blacks moved into Marquette Park anyway, though it was never truly integrated: unable to stop the influx, the whites simply left. Today, the neighborhood is only about 5% white, the Eastern Europeans having long decamped deeper into the suburban mosaic, ever farther from the lakefront city with its restive dark masses.


Chanchal Kochhar

Yesterday 6:01 PM
Image from Gaza today :(
Apocalyptic nightmare..





Coke Boys Newest Signee, Velous Confirms He Is The Producer For Kanye West’s Upcoming ‘All Day’ Single

BtowXKjCIAEikoD Coke Boys Newest Signee, Velous Confirms He Is The Producer For Kanye Wests Upcoming All Day Single

Rising recording artist-producer Velous has been a very busy man these past few months and by “busy” i’m not referring to the vague excuse you give your side jawn when you don’t feel like answering the phone.

The New York native kicked off the summer by supplying the hook for DJ SpinKing‘s smash hit record ‘Adult Swim’, which featured Tyga, A$AP Ferg and Jeremih. He then followed up the release of the star-studded cast record by announcing he was the newest member of French Montana‘s Coke Boys Imprint.

Today we are proud to officially declare that the young creative and Meek Mill aficionado is the producer for Kanye West‘s highly anticipated ‘All Day’ single.

Chanchal Kochhar

 The greatest Ninja Warrior ever!!
#tgif   #friday  


From Lesson 13: 

These lessons include:
  1. Focus
  2. Simplify
  3. Take Responsibility End to End
  4. When Behind, Leadfrog
  5. Put Products Before Profits
  6. Don't Be a Slave to Focus Groups
  7. Bend Reality
  8. Impute
  9. Push for Perfection
  10. Tolerate Only "A" Players
  11. Engage Face-to-Face
  12. Know Both the Big Picture and the Details
  13. Combine the Humanities with the Sciences
  14. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish


HRDCVR                                                                                               the hardcover culture magazine updates +
what to read now +
well, we'll see.

Thanks to our backers, HRDCVR is 224% crowdfunded. Free of the constraints of web publishing, the HRDCVR mission is to push print to its extreme, and to create content from the (r)evolutionary stance of everyone being equally interesting. We've been meeting with great people, and hope to announce our creative director soon. We have a lot of apps for the HRDCVR Social Media Fellowship (deadline is July 18), and HRDCVR will announce another two paid fellowships this week.

AND WHAT: "more and more of our culture is curated algorithmically" and war gets get more grim and tourism-eco-economy battles in Bimini and Fly Art and the new Star Wars and a self-driving Benz on Germany's autobahn and Jason Kidd's NBA business and Sullivan & Son and "the gods of hapa-ness" and Clare Booth Luce and ambition and crack and journalism in DC in the Berry years and quesadilla cake and Rae Sremmurd and Mike Will Made-It's "No Flex Zone" and Leslie Jamison and the new every1 in the wilderness and the food & drink issue of Esquire Philippines and goodbye to Walter Dean Myers.



 The People


'People's Couch'

Meet the hilarious families that keep us laughing as they watch the buzziest moments of the small screen.


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Teyana Taylor ft. Pusha T & Yo Gotti



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bright bit shocking pink python top handle tote

319795 E740T 5612


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  • shocking pink python
  • antique gold hardware
  • hand painted edges
  • note that python products may not be shipped to California
  • Made in Italy
  • top handle with 4.7" drop
  • detachable and adjustable shoulder strap with 17" drop
  • interior smart phone and zip pockets
  • inside zip compartment, a magnet closure compartment, zip pocket and detachable key ring

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          bright bit shocking pink python top handle

Functionality pairs with glamour for a practical working tote that stays at the forefront of fashion. The iconic horsebit is pulled straight from the archives for a classically beautiful ornament.

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The Extraordinary Dials™ are exceptional timepieces which combine the highest technical expertise with unique creative flair: each watch is a true work of Art.  Hummingbirds watches
Watches - Extraordinary Dials™ The Extraordinary Dials™ are exceptional timepieces which combine the highest technical expertise with unique creative flair: each watch is a true work of Art. Polar Landscape watches

Van Cleef & Arpels' Men's jewelry is defined by a timeless sense of elegance.
Perlée bracelets
Poetic Complications™ White Gold, Diamond
Inside a white gold case set with diamonds, two butterflies perform a delicate ballet in a majestic forest setting. Thanks to the timepiece's double retrograde movement, one butterfly indicates the hours and the other the minutes against a dialof lacquer mother-of-pearl. Diameter: 38mm, Movement: Swiss mechanical movement based on a Jaeger-LeCoultre 846

Poetic Complications™

Combining stylistic inventiveness and technical virtuosity, Poetic Complications™ are genuine marvels that don't just measure time but also evoke its poetic dimension. Butterfly Symphony watch

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