Hey, Roommates! #LHHH cast member Lyrica Anderson stepped into The Shade Room with her husband, A1 Bentley and mother, Lyrica G where they all clarified some of the events that transpired on the show. Basically, editing is *partially* to blame!

It turns out that Lyrica G doesn't really hate her son-in-law nor does she hate his mother, Pam. She's just fiercely protective of her daughter, because she's the only one she's got. Understanding this, you will come to find that her explanation behind her blow ups at her daughter's wedding reception could be justified. The picnic? Ehh, we'll leave that for y'all to decide! 

Also, Lyrica and A1 spoke to our Shade Room CEO, Angie Nwandu, about what it's going to take to make it as a songwriter in today's industry. They gave some really great advice, so check out what they had to say!

Before she could let them go, Angie asked what Lyrica and A1 saw for themselves within the next five years and it looks like someone's got baby fever! Find out who in the interview!