Ethan Miller / Rachel Murray / Jamie McCarthy / Paul Morigi, Getty Images (4)
Ethan Miller / Rachel Murray / Jamie McCarthy / Paul Morigi, Getty Images (4)

When Rakim shared that his definition of being an MC is being able to move the crowd on the 1987 track “Move the Crowd,” his revelation was spot on, and has been used as a barometer to separate the cream of the crop from the bottom of the barrel. While that rhyme was spat nearly three decades ago, almost thirty years later, those words still hold true. The ability for a rapper to control the crowd and have stage presence has become more important than ever, especially with the decrease in record sales and other forms of revenue in recent years. Fans want to see their favorite rapper go in during a performance and to ensure those shows keep coming, artists have to be on point when they grace the stage.

Since its inception, hip-hop culture has captivated the minds of millions of people, some of who have gone on to become fanatics — eating, sleeping, breathing, and living the culture. But sometimes their passion can be misdirected, causing them to come off more as unstable and a borderline stan rather than someone simply glad to be a part of the experience.

On the flip side, one of the more prominent reasons that rappers get in the game is for the fame and cache it can carry. The love of hip-hop and wanting to speak out to the world certainly play a part, but there’s something to be said for an artist having a legion of fans and being praised for the music they create. And while being famous has its perks, it also opens up a world of fans that may be a little too overzealous and anxious. Then there are the hecklers, haters and touchy-feely people who make the fan experience awkward for everyone.

Lil Uzi Vert has had to run for his life after getting chased by fans at a few of his shows. Kevin Gates‘ run-in with two female supporters ended in unexpected violenceJay Z stepped in to protect his wife Beyonce after a daring BeyHive member got too close and Travi$ Scott had to square up with some stans. And those are just a few of the crazy moments rappers have been faced with at their shows. Check out 20 instances in which some of your favorite rappers encountered fans and the result was disastrous.


Lil Uzi Vert Jumps Fence After Getting Chased by Fans 



Philadelphia native Lil Uzi Vert’s popularity has steadily risen over the course of the past year, as has the number of newsworthy run-ins he’s had with his fans. At Hard Summer Festival in August, Uzi Vert had to get inventive with his escape after being chased by a mob of his admirers, utilizing his fence-hopping skills for a swift getaway.



Action Bronson Knocks Out Fan 



Action Bronson‘s wild man antics have already been documented at length, making him undoubtedly one of rap’s most rowdy characters. Last year, during a performance at Lovebox in London, the wrestling fanatic showed off his pugilistic skills by knocking out at fan who ran on tage and got a little too close for the Queens native’s liking.



Joe Budden Chases Down Drake Fans After They Run Up on Him



Beef with Drake seems to do rappers no good and Joe Budden learned that the hard way this past summer. After Budden offered his two cents on Drake’s hunger as an MC and Views album, then lashed out with diss records upon taking issue with a few choice Drizzy lyrics on “4 PM in Calabasas,” the rapper was paid a visit by a few OVO loyalists. Not taking too kindly to their house call, the New Jersey rep proceeded to chase the fans down in his vehicle and give them a little dose of their own medicine.



Jay Z Manhandles Beyonce Fan



The throne isn’t only to be watched, but protected, as Jay Z showed us with his reaction to this BeyHive fan who got too close to his queen, Beyonce. While his athleticism has been the subject of memes over the past few years, Hov wasted no time in getting physical with this stan.



T.I. Checks Fan and Puts Him in Place for Trying to Take a Photo



If you’re a rapper, fans want to meet you and take pictures, but courtesy is the first policy when it comes to either of those requests. One fan learned that after getting a scolding from T.I. when he tried to snap a flick of the southern MC. Looks like someone didn’t take a close enough listen to Tip’s 2007 track, “Watch What You Say to Me,” or they may not have ended up in this embarrassing predicament.



50 Cent Almost Punches Fan



Being a bully and a brawler are two of 50 Cent‘s specialties, so his attempt to hook off on an unruly fan shouldn’t surprise you in the least. So when a fight broke out around the rapper during a performance at a New York City club, Fif did what he did best, asserting himself and taking a swipe at a potential threat when things got thick.



Trina Gets Into Fight With Male Fan Outside Miami Club



Trina proclaimed herself as “The Baddest Bitch” during the early days of her career, and she continues to live up to the name, on and off record. Her battle of the sexes with Trick Daddy may be considered poetry in hip-hop circles, but her encounter with a male fan shows her bossy lyrics are true-to-life. Unfortunately, the Diamond Princess had to throw down and go toe to toe with him.



Travis Scott Gets Into the Crowd to Fight Fan



Travi$ Scott has slowly evolved into rap’s ultimate rager, with a penchant for out of control, high-octane performances. But the young Houston native’s rage manifested itself in the physical form when he squared up with a few concert goers in 2015.



Kevin Gates Fights Female Fans at Michigan Concert



Kevin Gates may have calmed down as of late, but in 2015, he made more than a few headlines for his violence and erratic behavior. One of the more notorious instances of his temper getting the best of him is this altercation with female fans during a show in Michigan last year.



Stitches Punches a Fan in the Face



Stitches may have caught a buzz with his 2015 cut, “Brick in Yo Face,” but the Floridian has made more waves for his various beefs with rival rappers. After coming up on the short end of a fight with The Game’s manager, Stitches did a little pummeling of his own, punching a fan in the face during a performance earlier this year.