After making some serious noise, Benny and his crew let everybody know that there still on top. Tye finally resurfaced, got a line on Ghost and will possible rectify his situation. Will they finally get Ghost, will they fix their bad work problem, and will Tye be let back in the crew. Tune in to episode 7 and find out.

Writer - Antoine "Inch" Thomas @edenwald_inch
Director and Editor - Aubrey Williams @foodbychefaubrey

Benny Bricks - edenwald_inch
Nitty - @privilege_nitty
Pretty Tone - @foodbychefaubrey
Tye Banga - @brooklyn_tye
Two-Five - @shine_lep
Eygpt - @heavensentbee
Ghost - @ridingdirtythemovie
Uptown - @mysonnenygeneral
Stanley - @ejsiii
Benny Uncle - @goodmoneyteamsupreme
Benny god Daughter - @mizzhooks
God Daughter's boyfriend - @whoisjmiller
Ghost Hitman - @returnofthemaccc_
Guy behind the Counter - @kenblacklives
Benny Uncle's Body Guard #1 - @m_barrow
Benny Uncle's Body Guard #2 - @jridley43
Youth on Corner - @debo.rozayy
Albanian Beauty - @binabinanyc
Club Executive - @pilararsenec

"848 Theme Music" - Medallion Drew @medailliondrew
"Devil's Child" (848 Instrumental) - Xavior Jordan
"Sayin to me" - Shank @therealshank
"Bad Girl" - Shank @therealshank
"Vivir Mi Vida" - Mark Anthony
"Blinded" - Lisa Gerrard