Any athlete can tell you that the proper form is crucial to performance. Slightly changing up your technique can mean shaving a few seconds off of your race time or scoring a few extra points. Sex is no different: Picking the right position can mean the difference between crossing the finish line and ending up with the female equivalent of blue you-know-whats—and these nine choices will all leave you 100 percent satisfied.

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My favorite position includes a sex toy =) Reverse Cowgirl +: Slip the vibrating clit flicker on over the man's penis and testicles. Assume the position, and begin rocking. The vibrations will not only drive the man wild, but will also move through the woman's vagina, sending new sensations throughout her insides. As though this isn't enough, the flicking will add increased levels of stimulation to the woman's clitoris and to the man's testicles simultaneously. The added levels of pleasure throughout both partners' bodies will send both people through the roof.

When you lie on your back with your legs raised, it tightens your vaginal muscles and gives your partner easy access to the G-spot—so it's way easier to achieve an orgasm.

Try G-Whiz.

  • Yoco/Dutch Uncle Ltd.

Doggie Style

Help your O along by massaging your clitoris as your partner stimulates your G-spot from behind.

  • Yoco/Dutch Uncle Ltd.
  • Yoco/Dutch Uncle Ltd.

Reverse Cowgirl

You get to call the shots in this position. Bonus: Reverse cowgirl helps delay your partner's climax, so you don't have to worry about rushing to the finish line.

The Pinball Wizard

Put one of your legs over your partner's shoulder for an even more intense sensation.