So today 50 Cent put his editing skills to the test as he played guest editor for Wednesdays New York Daily News and its Confidential column.

According to the papers managing editor of features, Raakhee Mirchandani, the Power producer will be the “man in charge.” From choosing photographs to attending the news meeting; he’ll even get in on some writing for the paper.

Fif is clearly excited about it as he shared the news with his fans today on instagram posting photos of his day today at the Daily News office.

Fif also held a live chat with fans today as he answered a number of topics ranging from his upcoming music releases, to his future business ventures, and much more.

Check out highlights from the live chat, courtesy of Complex, below and be sure to check out the 50 Cent edition of the New York Daily News.

  1.  If 50 Cent wasn’t a rapper, he would want to be in marketing.
  2. His new album, Street King Immortal, will be a balance of his past two projects. “To try to create a different style and the story telling.”
  3.  Robert DeNiro and Forrest Whitaker have been the coolest actors that 50 has worked with during his career.
  4. He has a new song coming out with Eminem that will be on his new album. “You’ll get a chance to hear that shortly.”
  5. He says he and Chelsea Handler are good friends, and that he calls her “Gator.” “It’s sexual, like wrestling an alligator.”
  6. The first time he heard himself on the radio was his song “Glow,” when he was on JMJ Records.
  7. He’s had fans in Japan jump out of hotel room closets just wearing shoes and apparently, ready to party.
  8. He originally pushed his new album back because of the two new G-Unit EPs, but he is getting ready to announce a release date shortly.
  9. 50 says that they’re two episodes out of being done with the second season of the popular Starz series, Power.
  10. Lastly, 50 says that he thinks the Seattle Seahawks will repeat as the Super Bowl champions.
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