Zino and Stevie may not EVER rekindle their ‘brotherhood.’ That’s because Benzino recently let it rip with Vlad… saying Stevie’s jealous of his engagement to Althea AND naming Joseline the one and only “hoe” in the equation. Even though there is a video circling the internet of Althea getting smashed! Don’t believe me? Just ask Dave Mays who keeps issuing take-down notices claiming he owns the video in question.

Here’s some of what Zino had to say:

“He didn’t really have the balls to really let me know that. When he found out, with me and him it was unspoken — it was understood, we didn’t have to talk about it. It’s not like we sat down and had this emotional conversation… we sat down… she’s with me now and that’s that.

If you my man there wouldn’t be no disrespect. This how my father raised me… you treat a woman good. You protect that woman from anything — man, woman, fish, animal… anything. See, Stevie’s thing is, ‘Let the hoes fight.’ No mutha f*cka… ’cause it’s only one hoe!”

Check Zino’s entire interview: