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Wale Confronts Fan at WWE Raw in DC After Twitter Beef

Social media spats are nothing new to Wale, but the rapper got to meet up with one of the trolls tormenting him, and the outcome was not pretty. A Twitter user had a few disparaging comments to share about the MMG rapper and in a surprising moment, Wale caught wind that he was present at a WWE Raw event in his hometown of Washington D.C., Wale made his presence known and decided to have a quick face-to-face chat with the guy.


Kid Cudi Pushes Fan Off Stage



Kid Cudi helped influence a generation of emotive MCs and crooners, so the fact that he let his emotions get the best of him during an interaction with a fan in the middle of one of his performances is no surprise. “Not on my watch,” the lonely stoner joked after pushing an intrusive fan off the stage during a set in Houston a few years back.



Fans Prevent Meek Mill From Leaving a Store



Meek Mill has been getting a lot of backlash with his numerous beefs as of late, but he remains one of the more beloved young rappers in the public. Evidence of this is his inability to exit the store after being spotted by a crowd of fans anxious to be in the rapper’s presence.



Tyler, The Creator Slaps Fan



Tyler, The Creator is unpredictable and obnoxious — two ingredients that make any interaction with him full of surprises. One fan, who was lucky enough to get in Tyler’s good graces, was rewarded with a slap in the face, which is as surprising a request a fan has ever asked of a rapper that we can remember.



Fan Gets Tackled Onstage at Mac Miller Show



Mac Miller is as chill as they come and usually keeps a low profile, aside from his political statements and social commentary. However, during a stop in St. Louis for his Space Migration Tour, a random fan made the mistake of rushing the stage during Mac’s performance of “Donald Trump,” and immediately got tackled as if he was at one of the presidential hopeful’s divisive rallies.



Schoolboy Q Tries to Fight a Fan After Throwing an Object Onstage



Hailing from the mean streets of L.A., getting his squabble on is something that Schoolboy Q is fairly familiar with. During one of the TDE star’s performances in Denver, a disrespectful fan made the ill-advised decision to throw something onstage, resulting in Schoolboy turning into the school yard bully, attempting to knock the fan’s head off.



21 Savage Jumps Off Stage to Fight 



21 Savage is one of the hottest new talents in rap, and is already earning a reputation as one not to be trifled with. During a show in Atlanta, some concert goers threw up a few gang signs that offended the hometown star, causing him to jump in the crowd and address the guys in the form of fisticuffs.



Fan Tries to Climb Kanye West’s Floating Stage



Drama and excitement are sure to be in the air anytime Kanye West is the center of attention, his live shows being no exception. One of the most recent shenanigans to occur involving Kanye was when a fan got the bright idea to attempt to climb onto his floating stage. The moment occurred while Yeezy was performing during a stop on his Saint Pablo tour. Anything less dramatic wouldn’t be expected at a Kanye West concert.



Chance the Rapper Threatens Fan at Concert



More known for his charitable efforts and exuberant spirit, even Chance The Rapper has moments when he’s brought out of character. In 2013, during a show at The Observatory in Santa Ana, Calif., Chance stopped the show to have a rather tense exchange with a fan. This was as close to savage as we’ve seen the normally cherubic Chi-Town native get.



J. Cole Throws Fans Out of Show



Before the platinum plaques with no features, J. Cole was far from stadium status, plying his trade in more intimate venues. Known for being one of the more even-keeled artists in hip-hop, the North Carolina tar heel had to take a page out of Martin’s handbook and kick a few fans out of his show for “doing too much.”