Chubby Jag sat down with and spoke about his past beef with Meek Mill in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV’s Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes. Jag, who was present at the Cassidy vs. Dizaster battle, began by addressing Cassidy’s relationship with Ar-Ab, after Ab allegedly gave Dizaster all types of personal information on Cassidy for their battle. Jag declined to go into detail too much about their situation, and respected their privacy on the matter

He continued by reflecting on his past rap beef with Meek Mill, after Meek sent shots at Cassidy and his Larsiny family in a diss song. Jag explained that the tension between them remained on a lyrical playing field and never went beyond spitting diss bars at one another. While he has since moved on from their past issues, and he believes Meek has as well, he still understands that there could be people associated with Meek who might seek a physical altercation with him based off of their history.