The Outlawz and the rest of the hip-hop world lost an important member of our family Saturday evening when Hussein Fatal was killed in a tragic car crash. "He was well-loved so this is a big blow," E.D.I. Mean tells us during this heartfelt exclusive.

E.D.I. Don (also known as EDI Mean) had just performed with Fatal three weeks ago in Ohio, and had planned to see him this week as they were set to do a show in Germany. "I'm expecting to see my brother on Thursday, and he not gon' be there," he grievously states. Fatal was killed after his girlfriend Zanetta L. Yearby crashed her car near an exit on Interstate 85 in Gainseville, GA. Though Fatal was ejected from the car, Yearby "really didn't have a scratch," according to E.D.I. "She's fine." The couple were coming from Jersey, where Fatal had just buried his uncle.

E.D.I. Mean says he received a call from Young Noble this past weekend, who was "in tears already" when he told him the fateful news. "I was on the way to the beach with my girl and the kids," he remembers. "That was the end of my day right there." He tells us Fatal's sister later identified the body and confirmed the news, something he still can't come to terms with. "When somebody dies like this it really don't hit you right away," he sadly states. "If you seen recent pictures of him he was in tip-top shape. He was on his s***...just trying to figure it all out."

In the end, E.D.I. hopes this will ultimately shine more light on his rap skills. "I want him to get his just-do as an emcee," he says of his late friend who was well-known in the streets of Jersey. "If street cred was money, he would die a rich my opinion he was the rawest n**** coming from New Jersey."

Hear more about Fatal's relationship with the slain Yaki Kadafi, and why E.D.I. is "thankful in a weird kind of way that he wasn't shot," above.