Edward Crawford Jr., 27, the subject of the iconic teargas photo from protests in Ferguson, Missouri was found deceased late Thursday, May 4, 2017. 
The father of four died overnight when he was discovered in his car with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Police are currently looking into whether he intentionally shot himself or if it was accidental. 
A police summary reports that Edward was in the car with two women when the gun went off. The women told police that he started expressing how depressed he was. They allegedly heard him rummaging around for something, when suddenly he shot himself.
His father, Crawford Sr., thinks the shooting was accidental and not intentional. He said his son seemed happy in the days before his death. 
Edward became an icon overnight in 2014 after a photographer snapped a photo of him tossing a smoking tear gas cylinder after police fired it his way during protests for the death of Michael Brown. The image became a symbol for the movement with it finding its way onto posters, t-shirts and paintings.

Speaking to reporters after the photo went viral, Edward explained he was trying to get the tear gas cylinder away from the children who were nearby. He was also unaware of exactly what it was, given there were a mix of peaceful protestors like himself and rioters in the streets.

In an interview with CNN after the incident, he said he was happy for the attention and wanted the media to remain in Ferguson. “I am happy the media is in my town, because this attention that we’re getting, I just hope we turn it into something positive,” he said. “With the attention, I hope our voices are heard and I hope our pain is felt by America. So, I don’t want the cameras to leave. I hope they stay here as long as they can and just capture positive moments, positive protests.”...
Our deepest sympathies are with his children and loved ones. Rest in power Skeeda...
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