With all the drama between Cristen and Aja we wanted to talk to Melissa and get her thoughts on the situation .  Lets just say she had alot to say ………


We sat down with the baby sister of the celebrity fashion designer Aja Metoyer to get the truth about the feud and what we can expect from the siblings. The last time we seen three sisters fight so much we were watching The Kardashians. Hit the flip to hear her thoughts on it all ……….

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How did you become a cast member of VH1’s Basketball Wives LA cast ? 

My sister, Aja, asked me to do the show with her and that’s how I became a part of the show.

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Is there jealousy amongst you and your sisters ? 

As far as jealousy goes, I can say Aja is absolutely positively not jealous of Cristen and I’m not jealous of either one!

The drama between Aja and Cristen is unfortunate. We went into this as a team but as soon as filming started it all crumbled. I found myself defending lies that Cristen told about me and so did Aja. We all have definitely had issues in the past but always managed to make our way back to each other. At this point, it’s not repairable. 

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When were you told VH1 was not going to air your scenes ? 

I was never told directly why my scenes were cut. Maybe they weren’t ready for my big personality, being boisterous or possibly because I speak truths! Sometimes the truth hurts.

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What is it you want the world to know about Melissa ? 

I want the public to know I’m super energetic and free spirited. I have a big heart and love to have fun!! My small, tight circle knows the real me not what people portray me to be and that is what matters to me!



What is a scene you would hop in and give your two cents ? 

If I could hop in a scene and give my two cents it would be the scene with Tami and Reggie in the room because I feel like Tami is a good sport. I’d pop up in the scene, pull Tami aside, show her how to twerk something right one time hahaha and then tell Reggie thank me later!

In a game of F*ck , Marry , Kill with Dave East , Mack Wilds , and Quavo what would you do ? 

Laaaawd! Just for shits and giggles haha I would f#*k Quavo, marry Dave East and I’m not killing anyone so I would send Mack Wilds to the sunken place haha

We can’t believe VH1 is missing out on all this that is Melissa Metoyer . For more of her follow her on instagram @melissametoyer. Will you still be tuning in to Basketball Wives  on Monday ?