Fetty Wap paid a visit to Cedar Grove Municipal Court in Cedar Grove, New Jersey earlier today (Oct. 5) to pay some outstanding debts in an outstandingly over-the-top way.

The “Trap Queen” star and former XXL Freshman was in court to answer for several minor driving infractions including tinted windows. Fetty, real name Willie Maxwell Jr., had accumulated fines worth $360, but best believe the Grammy-nominated Paterson rapper came strapped with enough cash to cover pretty much everyone’s debts if he wanted to. Witnesses in municipal court say the Zoo Gang leader’s cash was so abundant, it was bulging out of his jean pockets and spilling out. Fetty himself estimated the stacks to total $165,000.

Walking out of court triumphantly with wads of cash in hand, Zoovier told the local reporter that he racked up the tickets because he was “driving while black and rich” and when asked if anyone was with Fetty when he got these tickets, he jokingly replied, “Benjamin” a.k.a Benjamin Franklin.

But Fetty might have some bigger bills to deal with in the coming future. Fetty’s career-making song “Trap Queen” is certified platinum four times over. But more than a year after it blew up his profile as an artist, he’s getting sued for it. Last month, TMZ reported that Danish songwriter Lazar Lakic says he owns exclusive rights to the “Trap Queen” instrumental, and, as a result, he’s suing Fetty. Lakic is not only requesting royalties from the song, but he also wants all copies of “Trap Queen” destroyed and all sales of the song stopped.