This is my second time back to Paris/France. I came way back in 2004 and explored Paris and the Southern towns of Montpellier and Niece. The reason I chose Paris to fly into, was because of a cheap connection from Tunisia. And I have a lot of friends here. From world travels, New York City, artists, industry people…creators. I have always thought Paris was a beautiful city, but the first time I came I didn’t really experience much on a Parisian level. I haven’t come back since because of my lack of French. And also, in Paris there are a lot of not so friendly people. But there are also so many amazing talented people. When I meet French people out of France, or who travel outside of France it’s a whole different mentality. I guess it’s like that for most that explore out of what they are used to. Paris is very special. Being a city with a history of over 10,000 years. The Roman conquest, Middle Ages. King Louis XIV, French Revolution, Napolean, Gothic and Renaissance era. A lot of history. This city is one of the worlds most influencial cities. Specializing in science, art, fashion, live music, performance, food, culture, finance. It is the birthplace of modern art and cinema. Paris is a special place. The city of lovers. Art…and food.

I love my Parisian peoples. Everyone is talented, multi talented, artistic, creative, innovative…definitely movers and shakers. Parisians are all about performance and the beauty of it. This town is filled with talent. I got to see many live performances, dance performances, musicians, street artists, friends doing their thing. We danced our booties off a few nights too. Parisian artists are very passionate about their crafts and skills. Many play instruments and have one, if not two or three different artistic abilities. I didn’t realize that I knew so many people in Paris until I arrived. Amazing people at that. That’s one reason I find Facebook useful. I am able to keep in touch with people all over the world. See updates. Share updates. Share art. Beauty. I met many Parisians while traveling or in New York. And it seems that everyone I know in Paris is a talented artist of some sort. If not in one thing, in many. In fashion, a singer, a dancer, designer, comedian, photographer, videographer, actor. The list goes on of all the amazing Parisians I am blessed to know. Not to mention that they all speak 2 or more languages. I am happy I got to spend time with some of them this trip. We ate good food, shared life stories, laughed, danced and watched performances and talent. All the things I love to do. Thank you beauties!





I stayed with Cathy. Multi-talented beauty that I met in Vietnam in 2011. She was judging a b-boy competition. Herself, she is a dancer. She pops and locks like no other! She speaks 5 languages. She is learning guitar, boxing and Portugese at the same time. And putting together a showcase. My Libra sister doesn’t play! She is a real inspirational and beautiful soul…thanks for letting me crash sis…and eating your face off with me. XO


The architecture and the history behind the city is amazing. The Palais Garnier is probably one of my favorite places in Paris. It was built in the 1800′s during the ruling on Napolean III. Such a beautiful place with extravagant structures, moldings, chandeliers. It feels like royalty inside. I love the opulence of the architecture.

To me, France has the best food in the world! I love cheese, bread, deserts, potatoes, meat. I do not understand how the French are not fat. I ate so much in France. The ingredients are fresh and good quality. Barely any processed food. Not much salt or transfat. Even the infusion food is amazing. Quality over quantity! I can come here just to eat.

Isn’t she lovely…day or night. Eiffel Tower was constructed and erected by Gustavo Eiffel in 1889 for the Paris worlds fair. This 81 story tower made of iron lattice is exquisite. In the day it looks beautiful with the trees an flowers surrounding the area. And the Sein River by its side. But when it lights up the night sky…fabulous.

The catacombs of Paris are an underground grave site. 6 floors underground. There are 6 million skeletons in this labyrinth of caves and tunnels. With history of over 2000 years old. The feeling down there is eery. But I wasn’t frightened. I thought it was very artful how the bones were laid out and arranged.



The architecture of  Paris is a Neo classicism style architecture in the likes of the roman architecture. Very antique and stunning. Of course the Louvre is nothing but an amazing piece of history and art. Located right on the Seine River. It’s the grandest museum in the world. It was an original fortress from the 12th century. The Notre Dame of Paris is a Gothic style Cathedral from 1345.

We visited the Charlie Hebdo memorial at Replique. The tragedy that happened in January 2015 in Paris was horrific. Charlie Hebdo is a weekly magazine in France. And they feature cartoons that mock certain cultures and religions. There was a terrorist attack at the headquarters where 12 staff all the cartoon artists were gunned down in the office by two “terrorists”, so they say. They are stressing the fact that they are Islamist. I don’t think anyone deserves to die. But the images they posted were not right. There is no need to slander any other people or society’s religions or cultures. Joking or not. I believe in freedom of speech. But I also believe in respect for your fellow man. I also don’t agree with terrorism or violence. But sometimes people can only take so much of certain things. I am not condoning what happened. But I myself are shocked and disgusted by the images that were posted in this magazine. Also by the slaughter of human lives. Rest in peace to the staff of Charlie Hebdo. Too bad the world is the way it is. Love and light.


The Metro is an extensive subway line. It’s goes through the whole “snail” of Paris. And the outer suburban areas. It’s very convenient and fast. I love cities that have public transportation. The only downside is that is closed at 1am, 2am the latest. I guess being a New Yorker I am spoiled with the 24 hour service. But there are buses and taxis all over Paris too. It is a lot cheaper then the New York subway. I don’t own a car in New York, I have a scooter. But I prefer riding the subway. I love to people watch. And I dislike traffic. I managed to get my self a Parisian unlimited pass with my photo ID on it (thanks chica). When in Rome…LOL.

The trains are fast and comfortable. I took two trains within France. Both times I slept like a baby. The second time we went on an earlier train then we had booked. But they were cool and let it slide. France reminds me of Canada with their lenient laws.

Art is love.

I took a 2 day trip down to Le Rochelle. It’s a 3 hour train ride south of France. Fellow Harlem Globetrotter, and turntablist/DJ extradinaire Boogie Blind, Pharaohe Monch and Grandmaster Flash were performing at a block party in La Sirene. It was dope to see New Yorkers and some classic Hip Hop in France. The crowd was hype too. And the b-boys were fly. Good times. We danced, ate our faces off, parlayed and took pics. It was fun times with the New Yorkers and the UK band. All love! #hiphop




Parisians. The great ones. There are a lot of asshole Parisians. I felt some racism with some of the more “ignorant” ones. I am not sure if it was racism because I am Asiatic or because I am from the Americas. But either way there are some really miserable people here.But the ones that are great. Are great. Amazing spirits. Cultured. Happy. And always sharing their talents. I even met Albert Einstein. LOL. Somehow I get along really well with all the immigrants too. I found that the Arabs and the Indians were the friendliest and most helpful. It’s in their culture.

The French people love their baguettes. And I love…that the French people love their baguettes. You see them holding them everyone in France. Like Americans with their Starbucks, Indians with their chai or Egyptians with their cigarettes. I took 30 minutes of my day to amuse myself and snap some baguette lovers. The upper middle guy didn’t want to be in the photo. So his baguette was the star. LOL.

I fell in love with Paris this time around. This city is really a city I grew to really like. As I am getting older I am respected the European culture and way of life. Quality over quantity. Especially with the Americas changing so rapidly. The respect for food, culture, art and living is high here. The enjoyment of life through food, wine, art and love. This is the city of love. Couples are everything attached at the hip. It is really cute to see so many people sharing such beautiful time together. And people aren’t walking around with their faces in their phones. Roboticism hasn’t hit Paris yet, and hopefully it never will. I experienced so much art and performance this time around. Great artists, amazing talents. Parisians are also very intelligent. A lot of them speak many languages. And really study their crafts. And perfect their art. It is admirable. I met a lot of great contacts. Venue owners, talent organizers…I might just do an exhibition here one day. In Shallah. I think I will be back sooner then later. I would like to come in the summer time and feel that vibe. I think in the western world, Paris is now also one of my favorite cities. And the food alone might make me stay a little longer then normal. Paris for me is a city of art, performance and food. I think in the future I will be spending more time. Merci beaucoup Paris! I love this city day…

And night!

Peace and Blessings. I love you! Next stop…Bolivia!