Early Thursday morning, two men stumbled into a deli in the Bronx, New York for a late night sandwich. After some form of an altercation, the two men got angry and decided to start throwing whole avocados at the deli clerk.

One of two men caught on video can be seen throwing avocados and bananas at a Bronx deli clerk, ultimately breaking the man’s jaw. They have been arrested and charged with assault.

One of the angry men, identified as Brad Gomez, 28, will face assault charges after the attack. The clerk was beat so badly, it caused him to suffer a laceration, fractures to his face, and even a broken jaw, according to the police.

However, the search for the second accomplice continues.

The two men were also captured on surveillance footage chucking food inside of the Stadium Gourmet Deli at 109 E. 161 St.

The unnamed victim and deli clerk is only 21, but he was transported to the hospital in serious condition, and is expected to be okay.