J Boogz         e world #globetrotting2016 trip.

It has taken me to 16 countries. 5 months on the road.(top photo)

Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Turkey, Madagascar, South Africa, Mozambique, Rwanda, Congo, Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.

My gypsy soul has now taken me to 70 countries across our beautiful earth. 60 alone. I amtruly blessed and grateful.

(bottom photo)


My 5 month adventure has come to an end…for now. It was such an amazing adventure. I went to 16 countries. 13 of them which were new to me. And every single place I had new experiences and amazing unique adventures. I feel so blessed. I saw numerous cities, epic festivals, street carnivals, ancient rice fields, mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, seas, volcanos, geisers, hot springs, jungles, rain forests, deserts, lagoons, cliffs, salt flats, waterfalls, beaches, countries, villages, town, cities. Visited schools and children all over the globe. They inspire me, as I inspired them. I swam with whale sharks, scuba dived with exotic sea animals, hugged trees, walked with tigers, stared down lions, played with lemurs in the jungle. Had tropical butterflies land on me, chameleons walk on my shoulder. I saw ancient places like Petra, climbed the a live volcano with the largest lava pool in the Congo, swam in the Dead Sea, visited the grand mosques, felt the Eastern European architecture, swam in oceans, seas, beaches of paradise, chickened out as I walked the plank to bungee jump. And most importantly I have met, interacted and shared so much with the people of the lands. One of my most beautiful experiences are always with the people. One of the most important things to me when I travel…is the energy and the culture…of the people. The people make the place. As well as the many friends I met along the way. In different places. People I have met during previous travels, people I have known for years from North America. And all the new people that entered into my life. Always good times. XO.

If you want to see any further of any of these countries I’ve been to the past two trips, you can go on my blog and choose which one may interest you most. For travel inspiration, stories, experiences, photos or videos. Soul food.


(not trying to OD on pics of myself, but I travel alone so I am my own photographer, orchestrator and my own muse, and I hope you enjoy the surroundings I am visually and soulfully)


Diptic (18)

Diptic (34)

Diptic (35)


Diptic (19)


Diptic (20)


Diptic (21)


Diptic (22)


Diptic (23)


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Diptic (26)

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When I travel. I travel on a budget. I try to live as locally as I can so I can experience the land as a native person. People think I am somehow rich, which is funny, because I am broke. But rich in experience, wisdom and culture. I backpack. And I spend less on the road then I spend while being in New York City. So it’s worth it. Way worth it. Some buy Gucci, some pop bottles, some have mortgages or car payments…I have a backpack, a passport and me, myself and I. All  my money goes to that. I globetrot. I appreciate I am so grateful that I have opportunity. My ancestors came to the Americas 140 years ago to make a better life for me. Since I have the chance I will take it. We are lucky living in western lands that have credit, loans and jobs at that. So I take advantage of the opportunity I have been blessed to have been given by my forefathers. I also think I am in constant search of culture because I don’t really have one of my own. I am Canadian. I am American. My ancestors came to this region so long ago, almost a century and a half. My language, my tradition, even the food has been lost. So I have Asiatic DNA pumping through my body and mind. Yet I don’t have the culture of my people. I don’t relate. And I am not accepted. I’m just an American girl to them. But I consider myself a citizen of the world. And I am blessed to be a chameleon. The mystery has driven me to incorporate everything I have seen and experienced into my own very manifested DNA of me. J. Boogie.


If you haven’t “traveled” I highly suggest you do. I am not meaning staying at an all inclusive resort. Or a hotel in the main tourist district. Going on guided tours. Get in there. Stay as locally as possible. Ride on local transportation. Go on your own. Get out of your comfort zone. Experience the people. Go to a local bar in Kenya. Or play some dominoes in the streets of Cuba. Play with the kids in Nepal. Let the wind blow you onto an unorganized itinerary. I realize not everyone has the opportunity to do this. Because they have children or no time off, etc. But if you have the time. Explore. Discover. You won’t regret it. Every experience in life makes your spirit and soul richer. And to connect with humans and their culture is such a special thing.


One thing that constantly disheartens me when I travel is many nations and countries are still somewhat stuck in the colonial mentality. They think they are not as good if they are darker skinned. No matter what ethnicity (Asian, African, Middle Eastern). They are better in society if they are mixed, or have “good” hair or light eyes. People are let to believe that having white skin, light eyes and a Caucasoid facial skeleton is beauty (google skull types). They honor the white man, yet get treated unfairly or looked down upon. Some people in rurals parts of Africa truly believe that God is a white man. Many Europeans own businesses across Africa and make millions of dollars when the locals are dirt poor. Do they help the community? Barely because they wouldn’t be poor if so. They stay in 5 star resorts while the locals are still cooking with wood and fire, with no electricity or running water in their homes. There are many many people of European descent that are helpful and care and volunteer in these countries. I commend and respect them. But the colonial mentality is a problem. That still keeps many people oppressed. My belief is that this needs to change. Stop the cycle. Know your beauty. Society may think one woman is more beautiful for these reasons. But the truth is every ethnicity race and culture has their unique beauty. And most importantly beauty is your essence not what you look like. Your spirit carry’s on. So feed your soul. And rise your spirit. Being an empathy…energy is my determination of beauty. Nothing more, nothing less.


And then I come back to America. One of the “greatest nations in the world”. God bless America! Besides the election nonsense with Trump and Hilary ringing through media. Black people are getting shot and killed by officers with no justice. The police officers are getting away with murder! And no one is doing anything to end this horror. The racial division in this world is disgusting. I’m not saying all white people are priviledged and racist. But the ones that are, and have been are evil souls. Things need to change. People need to start standing up for themselves. And not allowing this mentality to control them. I don’t believe in violence, but sometimes you need to fight for what is right! Revolt. Revolution. For something so humane as equal rights and equality. Especially in a first world nation that has access to everything on the planet. It’s extremely disgusting. I am not sure how much longer I can stay in this nation. Saddened. This colonial mentality needs to end. In this nation. And many nations around the world. Conquering, controlling, greed, hate, dividing, killing, raping, stealing, mocking, overpowering another man. Taking his land, his property, language, his culture, his family, his freedom, his life. And with no justice or repercussions. It’s just been “allowed” for too many centuries. This needs to stop. I pray my children and their children will only hear stories of this disgusting history of the world. We need more love. We need to conquer the ego of man. Of every ethnicity, race, creed and culture. And this mentality of insensitivity, entitlement and superiority needs to end. We need to stand up. There’s strength in numbers. And the world is populated by many ancient people and people that live the truth through the eyes of humanity. Free yourself from mental slavery.
Love. Serendipity. It was intense. It was crazy. It was painful. It was exciting. It was confusing. It was happiness. It was a mystery. It was energy. Almost like a past life rekindle of souls. I experienced a crazy chapter with this one. I could write a book about this story (check my Mozambique 2 blog). I learned so much about me with this experience. I’ve been to 70 countries. Many numerous times and I’ve never found love outside of North America. This experience was definitely special and rare. And crazy. The love still lingers…so who knows what the future may hold. I am blessed to have had this experience. And to have met this beautiful man. He has qualities I have not come across in anyone. He’s definitely not perfect. But special. A simple Mozambican man that lives a beach life. Who showed me so much in such little time. And unintentionally too. Love.

Some of my favorite images I took from this trip:

Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates

Diptic (10)

Jordan, Turkey, Madagascar, South Africa

Diptic (11)

Mozambique, Rwanda, Congo, Serbia

Diptic (12)

Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Austria

Diptic (13)

I have a thing for exotic animals. So I love to visit and interact them when I can. And of course take photos with them. Smile!


Madagascar Boogie Twirl


The many different animals that I interacted with:

Whale sharks in the Philippines. Butterflys in the Philippines. Tigers in Thailand. Elephants in Thailand.


Chameleons in Madagascar. Falcons in UAE. Fish in Thailand. Camels in Jordan.


Lions in South Africa. Lemurs in Madagascar. Lemurs again. Parrots in South Africa.


Baby Lions in South Africa. Ostrichs in South Africa. Giraffes in South Africa. Cheetahs in South Africa.


The king of the jungle ain’t got nothing on the queen! We had a stare down then became friends. Heart.


I learned so much this time around. The many cultures and histories. I learned about friendship. New friends and old friends. I learned what I want to have in my life or not. Energy, actions and vibrations never lie. Intentions, gratitude and appreciation. I experienced love.  Serendipity. Something special. Knowledge of self. And learned once again, that I need to heal my deep rooted pain that we all grow up with some way or another. To be balanced and whole within myself. I still have a lot of work to do. But I am excited.

On and On. my cipher keeps moving like a rolling stone. Travel 4 life. I am truly blessed with life and opportunity. I am so grateful! I love you!

The World Is Yours. While you have the chance in this lifetime…explore it. So much beauty!



Globetrotting Jade sends her love and inspiration. She has been to 60 countries with me. Lucky girl.