BELLINGHAM, Mass. - A police video obtained by WCVB TV in Boston is raising questions.

Two Bellingham police officers are seen on the video taking swing after swing at suspect Joseph O'Brien, who has one arm handcuffed to a bar and was wielding a telephone as a weapon in the other, WCVB reported Friday.

According to the station, the wild scene inside the Bellingham police department's booking room in April 2012 raised serious questions about the police officers' response.

KXVB  asked criminal justice expert and former Boston Police Lt. Tom Nolan to review it.

"The police response looks like something out of the Keystone Cops," Nolan told the station. "The video should be used as a training video in any police academy to train novice police officers what not to do."

The video plays out for more than two hours as O'Brien, who had been taken into custody after being found unconscious in the woods, refuses to comply with commands. He's repeatedly hit with batons and pepper spray at least a half a dozen times. When that doesn't work, the video shows a police officer shocking him with a Taser twice.