Rapper and reality TV star Joe Budden is being hunted by police after allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend outside of an Inwood nightclub—but he’s still a free man boasting on Twitter about lap dances and joyrides around the city.

The “Pump It Up” singer is accused of forcing the 25-year-old woman into his car near the corner of Nagle Avenue and Dyckman Street at around 4:30 a.m. Monday before before smashing her head off the dashboard and driving to his New Jersey home, where the beating continued, police said.

But just last night, he took to Twitter about his late night shenanigans at an Astoria Hookah lounge after a night at a Queens strip club.

“So the ugly stripper has been dancing in front of me for 20 min str8 blocking my view of all the cute hoes. Smh,” he tweeted.

Police said there were no updates on the case and he wasn’t in police custody.

Sources said the “Love and Hip Hop” star became enraged after he saw pictures of his ex on Instagram clubbing with other men.

“Apparently there was an argument over pictures she was posting online with other guys,” a law enforcement said of the argument. “She was going to nightclubs and he didn’t like that.”

Budden claims via Twitter that the NYPD raided his house yesterday but he apparently wasn’t detained or charged.

“Cops searched my house today cuz shorty told them I had guns here.. He said “wanna tell me why u have a bullet proof vest?”.. Lmao/smh”

Budden, 33, stole the woman’s cell phone before twisting her arm and shoving her into his car, cops said.

He is facing charges of assault and robbery, cops said.

But he claims he’s innocent on Twitter:

“Also, if I did half of what’s alleged, a pic of her face would be out, not her leg.. This is simple logic here.”

TMZ posted photos of her face and bruises she sustained from the assault online.

The injuries allegedly obtained by Joe Budden’s girlfriend.

Friends of the victim told mediatakeout.com that Budden had slammed his ex-girlfriend’s head into the dashboard. The BEATDOWN has been compared to Chris Brown's savage attack on megastar Rihanna in 2009.

Joe Budden posted this photo to Instagram on Friday with the caption: ‘I'm guarded....... Literally. Lol’
Joe Budden via Instagram

But cop sources said that, according to their paperwork, Budden did nothing more than twist the woman’s arm.The rapper reportedly flew into a rage after seeing Instagram pictures of his ex-girlfriend clubbing with other men. The woman had broken up with Budden because he was “cheating and hooking up with strippers,” a friend told mediatakeout.com.
The wanted man is hiding in plain sight on social media: He fired off more than 15 tweets on Friday — claiming New Jersey cops had been in contact with him.

“Cops searched my house today cuz shorty told them I had guns here,” he wrote. “He said ‘wanna tell me why u have a bullet proof vest?’.. Lmao/smh.”

He then posted a picture of himself sitting on a street curb surrounded by three dogs with the words “I’m guarded ... Literally.”

“The lesson to be learned here is ... Leave the strippers & bartenders in the strip club … sounds so simple !” he also wrote.