Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West is reportedly going to put on for his city by tagging hometown producer Young Chop to add his signature touch to the upcoming Yeezus follow-up.

While details are scarce, reports claim Chop will contribute to the long-awaited LP.

These days, Chop is trying to branch out and be seen as more than just a drill producer. Chop's productions have grown since he crafted Chief Keef's two breakout 2012 hits, "Love Sosa" and "Don't Like." With the guidance of No I.D., Kanye West and Diddy, Young Chop is ready to show his maturation as a producer. Now with his own production team, Chop has been working on some of the most anticipated projects of the year--Kanye West's upcoming seventh solo album and Meek Mill's sophomore effort Dreams Worth More Than Money. (XXL Mag)

Within his new GQ cover story, Kanye admits being influenced by longtime friend Jay Z on his new "All Day" record.

"I think just my usual pattern is like that. It's like a pendulum. The pendulum gains momentum by swinging in the other direction. Even lyrically, I think about certain lines that I say on my new single, which is called "All Day," that usually Jay would say, but Jay's not on there. So I say, "All day, n*gga, it's Ye, n*gga. Shopping for the winter, it's just May, n*gga. Ball so hard, man, this sh*t cray, n*gga. You ain't getting money unless you got eight figures." Right? Jay would have said that. And then eventually I would have came in with, like, whatever I come in with." (GQ)

West also hinted at when fans could possibly start preparing to hear his newest tunes.

"I don't know, man. I hope I can get one of these songs out in the next couple of weeks, just to have something up and running. But I think most likely September. I go back and forth. Like, should it be September or should it be October? Should it be November? When Beyoncé was working on her last album, she took a while. I was thinking it could somehow come out in June, like Yeezus, and just kill it for the summer. But then I'm like, I have to work on Adidas and be with my child." (GQ)

Recent reports revealed Kanye traveled out to Mexico and pieced together new songs.

The E! star has been staying at pal Joe Francis' beachside villa in Punta Mita for nearly two weeks now, and husband Kanye West and their daughter, North West, have been with her the entire time! But while his wife has been logging quality pool time, this has been largely a working vacation for Kanye, who's recording new music with his production team near Puerto Vallarta. "His whole crew is out there recording," a source exclusively tells E! News. "His whole music studio was shipped out. It's been amazing." (E! Online)