Meek Mill Calls Out Wale On Twitter image dreams worth more than money

Meek Mill isn’t too happy with Wale.

Mill, who is about to drop his new album “Dreams Are Worth More Than Money,” is pissed off with Wale because he hasn’t been supporting the album like other members of MMG have.

Meek Mill         @MeekMill

Wale just ain't gone tweet a thing about my album.... He's been hating on me long time now ...don't even text me cornball!

Apparently this is a big deal. Meek Mill has been tweeting about the lack of support he’s gotten from Wale for about two hours now.

Meek Mill         @MeekMill

I don't really want no suckas in arm reach of me.... My hands might lose control! That's how I'm rocking

Meek Mill         @MeekMill

I got real family at home and all my day 1's on the road wit me..... I just wanna make it known who is who!

Meek Mill         @MeekMill

I don't need no support...It's about a lot of these dudes really b hating behind closed doors..All these guys that's on the rap scene kno

Meek Mill         @MeekMill

If he claim he got shooters and muscle send em..... Ima b in the hood all day wit these high beams on my neck you can't miss me!