The incident during 50 Cent and Fabolous' "Cuffin' Season" performance at Summer Jam, in which Slowbucks allegedly had his chain snatched, has spilled over into even more serious beef on Twitter between MMG's Meek Mill and his own Dreamchasers artist, Louie V Gutta.  Gutta posted an initial tweet about karma soon after the Slowbucks incident occurred, and Meek was quick to check his artist for the subliminal shade.

"Slow got the chain back u got took chill bro u drawing!" Meek said in response to Louie V Gutta's tweet.  

Louie V didn't appreciate Meek stepping to him on the social media site, and went in from there with very direct and personal shots at Meek Mill.  He called Meek out for tweeting him about the situation instead of contacting him directly to talk about it in private.  Gutta then got upset about a comment accusing him of being "a rat," which really sent him over the edge.  

After the incendiary comment, Gutta lashed out, calling Meek a "d*ck eater" and claiming that he is actually Meek's ghostwriter. He also called him "a dirty f*ck" before he got famous, and threatened to "beat u Tf up when I see u @meekmill."  Gutta then claimed that Meek tried to call him after the trash talk was sent his way, but Louie V wasn't having it.  

Their verbal brawl on Twitter seemed to spill into more personal territory when Louie V began speaking on how "I f*ck ya hoes u f*ck mine we even!!!!"  He also posted up articles on Instagram showing evidence that he has never snitched on anyone when he's gotten involved in real street situations.  

Meek eventually fell back and let the situation go when he posted, "Ima chill and get money!" However, Louie V was still clearly very tight about the entire cyber altercation.  

Check out the heated Twitter beef between Louie V Gutta and Meek Mill in the above slide.