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Meek Mill (real name Robert Williams) is currently locked up for the next 4-6 months  (or 3 weeks, depending on who you ask) for violating his probation, but the rapper scored a legal victory against a Philadelphia Police officer with the 750k lawsuit filed against him being dismissed.

The 27-year-old Maybach Music Group artist was sued earlier this year by Officer Boyer, who was one of the police officers who arrested the rapper back in 2012 for allegedly having marijuana on him. However, the arresting officer came up with nothing during the arrest and Meek later sued for false imprisonment. The rapper lost the case but that didn’t stop the officer from suing Meek for allegedly defaming him on social media.


Officer Boyer claimed that Meek damaged his reputation and character, which made it hard to find a new job after he was fired for non-Meek related issues with the department. He also claimed that the situation had a strong affect on his life and sexual relationship with his fiancee. He sued the rapper for 750k in damages. has exclusively learned that the federal court judge SHOT DOWN the officer before Meek could even file his response. In the court order it states that the officer sued the rapper under the wrong legal statues  and since Meek isn’t a government official, none of the charges apply for which he is suing. He also failed to properly explain himself in the docs since he didn’t hire a lawyer to represent him. The judge dismissed the case on June 16th and the officer was awarded nothing from Meek. Read the EXCLUSIVE Court Documents.

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