We all know not to text and drive. Maybe should have stressed the no selfie-ing while driving thing a little more. A lesson two women in Iran learned the hard way when they crashed their car while filming a video of themselves karaoking.

There really is only one way this video could have ended: The driver is looking away from the road, into the camera the entire time, and takes both her hands off the wheel to make a hand heart (because is selfie without heart hands even a selfie at all?) Basically, she's not anywhere close to actually driving, except that she's in the driver's seat of a moving car.

If you don't have the patience to watch a 15 second video, here's the moment of impact:

Selfie Car Crash


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According to The Daily Mail, the ladies were admitted to the hospital, and that is where they uploaded the video. Physically, they are said to be recovering well. Mentally? They uploaded to the Internet a video of a car crash they caused because they were taking a selfie. Instead of realizing the error of their ways and deleting it. Soooooooo, you tell us.

They followed it up with a bloody hospital selfie: 

Selfie Car Crash YouTube