Fri, Dec 19 2014 


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Ballers, Barb and Bars!

Nicki Minaj is giving us a million and one sides of herself this week and we’re here for every one of them.

While on a promo run for The Pinkprint, the head-barb-in-charge, Nicki Minaj, stopped by Inside the NBA for a very interesting episode of sports talk and cyphers. In a surprising segment called “TNT Cyphers,” the fellas took part in a freestyle battle with Nicki that included some alright bars by Kenny Smith, an awkward flow from Grant Hill and a marriage proposal from Shaq, which was absolutely hilarious. Shaq spit with aggression:

Why these ballers tryna be like me?
If this was hip hop, I’m B-I-G,
Matter fact, it is hip hop, I’m B-I-G,
Nicki Minaj, will you marry me?

Nicki: NO!!

Shaq: Oh, she said no! Man, messing up the flow…!

Nicki, meanwhile, cut the beat as she incorporated NBA themes into her freestyle centered around basketball, Manu Ginóbili (who plays for the San Antonio Spurs) and Shaq.

Shall we even mention Ernie Johnson? (haha!)
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