Well, Charlamagne brought the pain once again. The Breakfast Club provided another explosive interview, this time in the form of Onyx. The storied rap group went head-to-head with Charalmagne over a slew of topics, including Fredro Starr’s relationship with former co-star Brandy from their time together on Moesha.

Initially, the interview began calmly highlighting the group’s origin and being discovered by hip-hop pioneer DJ Jam Master Jay. Then Charlamagne decided to push the envelope and ask about Fredro Starr’s relationship with Brandy and if he indeed a had sexual encounter with the singer.

This resulted in Fredro Starr throwing a flurry of expletives aimed at The Breakfast Club Host. This prompted Starr to ask Charlamagne about getting punched in the back of the head in front of the radio station.

“That shit was funny. Ya ass was running like this,” said an agitated Starr.

A calm Charlamagne fired back by bringing up 50 Cent attacking the rapper at the Billboard Awards which further infuriated the rapper. Luckily, nothing physical occurred.

This could easily serve as the best interview of the summer for The Breakfast Club.