The Rub's Eleventh Anniversary

Kristen Zwicker

The Rub's Eleventh Anniversary Photograph: Bertie Cheng

The Freedom Party and the Rub. Chances are you've frequented one or both of these New York dance-party staples over the years, but have you been to both parties at the same time? Well, buckle up, The Freedom Party x The Rub goes down at Santos Party House this Fri 10.

DJs Marc Smooth, Cosi and Herbert Holler have been serving up soulful tunes every week at the Freedom Party for over a decade now, making it the longest-running weekly, Friday-night party in NYC history. The Rub is no slouch either: DJs Eleven and Ayres celebrated the twelfth anniversary of their beloved monthly powwow last July.

It's been a couple years since the parties have joined their formidable forces, so expect a wild one, with a party-igniting mix of hip hop, dancehall, funk, disco, pop, house and anything else the guys see fit to throw in (whatever it is, you can be certain it will keep the crowd moving). The line at the door can get a bit daunting, so grab your tickets ahead of time (they come with line-skipping privileges) and save yourself the wait.

By Kristen Zwicker Time Out Staff

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