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Mya is determined to keep her coins flowing.  By any means necessary.  So her most recent strip club appearance/performance isn't necessarily something she hasn't done before.....but this performance definitely grabbed way more attention than usual.


Peep how Mya "debuted her new music" this weekend upon a stripper pole inside...

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35-Year-Old singer Mya hosted Friday night at Miami's G5ive strip club.  And she was there to perform (her old hits and we hear there was a new song in there too).  She is an actual dancer, afterall.  But this wasn't your innocent bachelorette party fun or a simple girls' night pole dancing class. Who knew she could take over the strip club stage like this?

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We haven't seen or heard much from Mya in a while, but it's obvious she still looks hot.  But folks on the net had zero chill when they learned raunchy strip club performances is what Mya's life is about now:

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And, of course, there's video.  Check out chick pop, locking, dropping, and spreading below:


She hosted a party the next night at Dream nightclub:

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Well, she's still got it in the looks department.  Hope she's getting the coinage she needs....


Photos/videos: WENN/@officialtanu/@flylifestyl3/@kingramsesfresh/@g5ivemiami

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