All the controversy surrounding VH1 reality show Sorority Sisters has caught up with them as the network has officially announced the cancellation of the show.

Two of their cast members were suspended by the AKA's last week after feeling that the show did not put their organization in a good light. Several sponsors also pulled out after the intial broadcast of the show. VH1 has yet to put out a statement on the matter.

After premiering just last month looks like VH1 is giving their most controversial show the X. Although the network hasn’t officially announced this news with the last three episodes all being shown this Friday viewers pretty much get the picture. According to the Atlanta Journal, not only will the final episode be shown at 11:10 pm EST but the net work will not be repeating it for the west coast. With the ratings dropping since the first episode and more advertisers puling out it was only a matter of time.

Two of the show’s cast members were suspended last week by their organization until summer 2016 due to their involvement in the show.

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