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3 things you DIDN'T know about MARCUS GARVEY from Julius Garvey to...

Posted by Black African History on Monday, April 15, 2024 Under: Webysodes. ..d(®_®)b™

3 things you DIDN'T know about MARCUS GARVEY from Julius Garvey to... Marcus Garvey was one of the most popular black men in the world. He was a notable activist who fought for the upliftment of black men and women, and while he was both revered and reviled, Marcus was truly one of a kind. But, while many of the facts about Marcus can easily be found in books and on the internet, some little-known facts about the visionary activist also deserve recognition. In this video, we’ll unveil some aspects of his life and achievements regarding education and science. In today's video we look at 3 things you DIDN'T know about MARCUS GARVEY from Julius Garvey to... Keep watching to learn about marcus garvey and also of julius garvey (julius garvey son of marcus garvey), and marcus garvey back to africa, and marcus garvey and the unia. This video about marcus mosiah garvey is not about the history of marcus garvey, or a marcus garvey biography. Neither it has something to do with marcus garvey kanye west or boule smear campaign against marcus garvey. Although we will see some marcus garvey speeches audio, and marcus garvey speech, the main idea of the video is emphasize some unknown marcus garvey facts regarding science and education. We will also talk about the life of garvey sons, Marcus Jr and Julius (julius speech). Waiting for marcus garvey new movie, we will see this video about the man that talked about repatriation (moving to ghana from the diaspora, marcus garvey burning spear) and we will leave for another video the women around garvey. Subscribe for africa inspiring stories, black studies, african diaspora, kemet, ancient africa captivating, black authors, heritage preservation, historic preservation, bobo shanti, africa liberation, boboshanti and kemetic science. Inspired by Black Journals, Without History, and Black Culture Diary. Inspired by Marcus Garvey: The Most Dangerous Black Man In History Inspired by Inside The House Where Marcus Garvey Was Born In Jamaica! Inspired by Why Every Black Parent Should Teach Their Children About The Floating Freedom Schoo Also check out    • Cheikh Anta Diop: From KEMET to doing...   On Black African History we will go through black stories, deep african wisdom, and pan-african movement. Stay tuned for the latest on reparations, repatriation, and african history captivating. Click here to subscribe: (https://bit.ly/3tJcq7r) Click here to subscribe: (https://bit.ly/3tJcq7r)

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Tags: 3 things you didn't know about marcus garvey from julius garvey to... 
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