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Ant Glizzy Exposes The Industry! Diddy hanging Wale off Balcony, Shy Glizzy, Meek Mill + Backdoor101

Posted by DJ Akademiks on Sunday, December 10, 2023 Under: SCRIPS

(01:17) Ant Glizzy says Shy Glizzy ain’t like that.. (17:40) Ant speaks on being a crash dummy for Shy Glizzy. 39:00 (24:00) Ant shares a crazy story about his ex-girlfriend & Shy. (48:25) Shy Glizzy tried to sue Ant for the Glizzy name. (56:35) Diddy dangled Wale off a balcony?? (01:06:48) The Migos called Ant when their chain got taken + Ant being the beef squasher. (01:18:00) Ant addresses the previous situation with Shy Glizzy, Sky Br,i and more women. (01:34:05) Ant doesn’t mess with Adam 22 or Bricc Baby. (01:43:56) Shy Glizzy getting his chain taken was a marketing move? (01:52:04) What would make Ant and Shy cool again? (01:57:15) Meek Mill is the weirdest rapper Ant Glizzy met. (02:03:55) Young Thug is the realest rapper. (02:13:50) Shordie Shordie is a rat?? (02:21:04) Could T.I.’s son King be a gangster? (02:31:50) Did Diddy try to backdoor Akademiks in London? (02:43:29) Gervante Davis said that he would off Ant Glizzy. (02:46:55) Ant Glizzy lost a boxing match to Davy Ruffin. (02:53:28) Ant Glizzy had Taliban Glizzy’s chain! (03:00:20) Would Ak or Ant box Blueface? (03:01:10) Ant Glizzy know’s Akademiks girlfriend personally!? (03:16:38) Ak is passing his beef with Saucy Santana to Ant. (03:19:38) 6ix9ine is still robbing people in the Dominican Republic. (03:27:58) Akademiks speaks on being backdoored. (03:51:08) Ant apologizes to Shordie Shordie… (03:53:57) Big Ak will get Taliban Glizzy’s chain back!


Tags: ant glizzy  exposes  the industry  diddy  wale  off   balcony  dj akademiks shy glizzy  meek mill   backdoor101 
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