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Corrupt Rikers Island Prison Guard Reveals How He Got Taken Down By The DEA | Steven Dominguez

Posted by @ian_bick on Sunday, February 11, 2024 Under: SCRIPS

In this gripping episode, we dive into the turbulent journey of a former Rikers Island correctional officer. From confronting the harsh realities of prison life and engaging in underground activities to facing a DEA sting operation and enduring incarceration, this narrative is a raw and honest account of downfall and redemption. Our guest's transition from enforcer to inmate and his post-prison path of writing and rebuilding offers a unique perspective on resilience, hope, and the complex dynamics of the criminal justice system.


Tags: corrupt  rikers island  prison guard   reveals  how  he got taken down   by   the  dea   steven dominguez  @chillstevie  @ian_bick 
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