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    Frank Matthews Update 2024 - Was he the Biggest? Spanish Raymond news- Cuban Plug?

    Posted by Al Profit on Saturday, March 23, 2024 Under: Webysodes. ..d(®_®)b™

    Frank Matthews supposedly skipped town with $100 million after being indicted in 1973, along with one of his main liutenants. Presented as the "Mr. Big" of all H trafficking in America, the reality is that Matthews was very big for a few years, but just like Al Capone he was the temporary CEO of a criminal system that existed before and after him, and his major suppliers continued on after he disappeared... AND there were several other black traffickers that may have been just as "big" as him...including the shadowy "Elvin Lee Bynum"- not to mention his original mentor Spanish Raymond Marquez- who is still alive, living in the open, and will surprise you with what he has going on NOW! Join this channel to get access to perks:

    In : Webysodes. ..d(®_®)b™ 

    Tags: frank matthews   update 2024   - was he the biggest? spanish raymond news  cuban plug  north carolina  brooklyn new york  elvin lee bynum  street legends  80's hiphop 
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