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How Rikers Island (New York) Jail Actually Works

Posted by @Iamvidalguzman on Saturday, March 23, 2024 Under: Webysodes. ..d(®_®)b™

Rikers Island is home to some of the most notorious and violent jails in the world. It is located in the East River in New York City. The majority of its detainees have not yet been convicted of a crime and are either remanded in custody or held on bail.

Vidal Guzman is a former member of the East Coast Bloods. He was incarcerated on Rikers Island when he was 16 and returned when he was 19.

Guzman discusses the conditions inside the New York City jail complex. He mentions corrupt guards, gang-controlled phones, and how illegal goods are smuggled in. He speaks about the history of the US jail system, how Rikers Island came to be, and the need for reform. He also addresses myths about Rikers being a prison and who is incarcerated there.
Guzman is a prominent voice in the Close Rikers campaign and the executive director of America on Trial. He is the founder of the End Qualified Immunity in NY and #FixThe13thNY campaigns. He left the criminal justice system at 24 and started working with the food-truck initiative Drive Change before becoming a criminal justice campaigner.

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