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    Ordinarily-Extraordinary:Lita's*_ L.O.V.E

    Posted by Lita_L.O.V.E on Saturday, August 4, 2012 Under: SCRIPS

    - words from my Brooklyn bedroom


    Ever had someone tell you LOVE is a dangerous feeling, LOVE makes you do crazy things?? Yess, well me too, it's only now that I realize how true that really is.

    Is it possible to LOVE somebody, sincerely LOVE somebody yet not want to share your life with them? Can you LOVE from afar, from the other side of the room? I mean, it's ok to LOVE somebody but not want to be with them right? Or does that not make any sense?

    I'm full of questions at this hour, why? Because I can't find any answers or at least one I will accept.

    Somebody once said 'Timing is everything' - true statement, I believe timing is extremely important but does LOVE fit into this equation of time? Yes/No...?

    LOVE is suppose to be timeless, correct? Unconditional, pure, sincere, all the above...can you LOVE somebody but not be ready to be with them or anyone else for that matter? Confused.

    Confusion is a b****, a headache, a stake through the heart, especially when it's LOVE you're dealing with, and I'm dealing.

    God has put many challenges in my path, especially over the recent course of the past 2 months. I know he's testing me and I refuse to fail BUT not only do I not want to fail him or myself, I don't want to fail or hurt HIM...why, because I LOVE him, I do, regardless of what he thinks I do but I'm in no position to LOVE like I once did. I can't.

    It's Lita time, it's March 8, 2009, 10:04pm on a Wednesday evening and I'm putting my foot down - it's me time. And I mean that in a selfless manner, really.
    I can only hope and pray that he comes to realize where I am right now. I want him to realize it's not him, it's me, I want him to realize it's a personal struggle and he was caught up in the middle. Hear me. I LOVE HIM.

    L.O.V.E - it's dangerous. It hurts.   

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    Tags: ordinarily  extraordinary  lita's  l.o.v.e   
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