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Actor and musician Diljit Dosanjh has released his new collaboration titled Khutti with American rapper Saweetie.

The combination of Dosanjh’s Punjabi beats and Saweetie’s blend of classic and modern hip hop has fans both excited and intrigued.

This is not the first time Dosanjh is collaborating with an international artist; he released Hass Hass with Australian singer Sia, then joined Ed Sheeran on stage recently in Mumbai and performed his hit track Lover together. Dosanjh has also worked on a Punjabi-Spanish crossover track titled Palpita with Colombian singer Camilo.
The 39-year-old singer has been credited as putting Punjabi music on the map when he became the first Punjabi artist to perform at Coachella in 2023. He performed fan favourites including Lover, Born To Shine, and Proper Patola during his set.
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Bossman Dlow to feature GloRilla on “Finesse” remix

Bossman Dlow to feature GloRilla on
Bossman Dlow to feature GloRilla on “Finesse” Remix

Over the past two months, Bossman Dlow has emerged as one of the hottest new artists in hip-hop. This came as a result of his “Get In With Me” single going viral in January. Moreover, it even turned into a top 45 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Last week, the Florida rapper also put put his “Mr Beat The Road” mixtape, which contained 17 songs, including collaborations with Sexyy Red, Rob49 and Wizz Havin. Furthermore, it was led by his “Mr Pot Scraper” single.

Meanwhile, Bossman Dlow appears to have another major banger on the way. He was recently seen filming the video for his “Finesse” single, which appeared on his “2 Slippery” mixtape, last year. This will also feature GloRilla, as she was also spotted in the visuals for it.
GloRilla has also had an impressive start to 2024. She put out her “Yeah Glo” single in February, and reached a new peak of number 41 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, this week. This will appear on her forthcoming “Ehhthang Ehhthang” mixtape, on April 4.

Bossman Dlow to feature GloRilla on “Finesse” remix

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      NEW SINGLE ‘1X’

      L.H. returns with his new single ‘1x’, an energetic new hit that will get crowds moving and the people going. 

      Listen now on Spotify and Apple Music.

      Filled with a progressively rhythmic drum beat and accompanied by a smooth yet spacy synth, ‘1x’ is a party-starting tune that is sure to get the room moving. 

      Even more impressively, L.H.’s conveyance and bars are of impeccable comparison, with a timely flow and incredible delivery, giving ‘1x’ the perfect display of hip-hop and rap at its peak. 

      With incredible production from Lofi da Brokeboi, this upbeat and catchy tune caught the attention of L.H. right away, who went straight to work matching his flow and energy to the track.

      Coming off from his last single ‘Machismo’, which has already garnered the attention of hip-hop media outlets, ‘1x’ is the perfect addition to this industry shakers discography, which already consists of two amazing two E.P’s (Hennessequa and T2B2). 

      From Chicago and best known for blending modern and classic genres of hip-hop together, L.H. spends his time working on his own music and focusing on growing record label Visual Audio. 

      Having already opened for major artists like Rittz, Lil Bibby, and Cam’ron, L.H. knows how to grab an audience's attention, as he displays his great skills and talents like no other, which make ‘1x’ the perfect addition to his ever expanding catalogue.
      Find L.H.:
      Instagram / Twitter / Teespring
      For all press inquiries and interviews please contact visualaudiollc@gmail.com

      "Blue Nose"
      Lead Single Off The Bad Seed's New Album
      'Ceaser Borgia'



      Seasoned NY-bred emcee The Bad Seed recently released a 10-track album entitled 'Ceaser Borgia.' The lead single "Blue Nose" produced by Team Demo (50 Cent "Crime Wave"), continues to top indie charts throughout the boroughs of NY and worldwide.

      "Blue Nose" embodies the life of The Bad Seed and being raised by the hood. His distinct storytelling and cutthroat lyrics transcend listeners through blocks cursed by guns, knives, and blues. It's evident The Bad Seed holds his own and reigns over "moist" rappers and their bubble gum wrapper war stories.

      Listen to "Blue Nose" and we appreciate any spins. The Bad Seed is available for interviews and drops. To schedule please reply back or contact The Bad Seed directly at seedxnottz@gmail.com. Thank you in advance for your support -MJ


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      A post shared by 145work848 (@145work848) on


      It’s been said that lightning strikes twice…NY indie artist Rockwelz heard and listened to his worldwide fan base and unveiled the highly anticipated sequel ‘LL2j.’ The 9-track project is entirely produced by label mate Nam Nitty and features lyrical heavyweights John Jigg$, The Bad Seed, The Musalini, and R&B singer J. Waiters.

      In celebration and tribute to Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary, Rockwelz showcases a signature flavor on some classic Hip Hop that has influenced him and the culture. He intertwines witty lyricism and storytelling, giving listeners nothing but banger after banger. Hip Hop heads will embrace a nostalgic vibe of ripping open a CD cover or tape and pressing repeat on the boom box.

      Rockwelz offers an infectious blend of freshness and smooth talking ignited by fire bars. He illustrates his uncanny, and confident ability to create grown man rap!

      Nam Nitty provides a kaleidoscope of soul, boom bap, and innovative soundscapes to encompass and enhance the premise of each track along with the emotive performances by Rockwelz.

      DJs -  'LL2J'  full album

      Watch the official videos 

      “Tick Tock” and “Heavy”

       Taken from ‘LL2j’

      Connect with Rockwelz on Facebook Instagram | Threads


      This new feature allows Breakr + our brand and label partners to create challenges that involve setting bounties, giving creators the opportunity to create social media posts and earn money. 


      Creators are paid out when they hit agreed-upon view counts on the videos they create. We specify the name and budget (currently with a floor of $500), select the platform we want the social challenge to be on, provide a link to the song we want to be featured in the videos, and offer a description of what we want the videos to include.


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      World Premiere:
      Ladi Miz Debuts 'Family Business' Album


      NY, NY’s empowered boss Ladi Miz also acclaimed independent  artist/songwriter/author/entrepreneur/CEO of From Da Ground Up Productions and Peace Mentoring LLC, announces the world premiere of her new project titled ‘Family Business.’

      The 10-track album is a compilation featuring Miz, her children and husband, her uncle, and close friends who she refers to as family. These features include Seriah Alexus, Ian95, Papi Fortune, Mason, Uncle J, CashOnAble, Doube R, Nasir, with production from DopeBoyzMuzic, don P, Contageous, KingCharlie, Prince, JefeGot1, D’Monstah, Tone Jonez, Post humousProductions, Tru Stylze, and Mista. 

      ‘Family Business’ serves as an R&B/Hip Hop collective that emanates a refreshing, infectious, and nostalgic vibe. One record, “Freedom” is already topping indie charts worldwide and grips a harsh reality and unyielding emotion. "I can't breathe cause I get no respect get your foot off my back and your knee off my neck, we suspect cause our skin is black we say black lives matter but they always deflect."  Miz goes on to vividly describe being under attack while trying to break free from genocidal chains. 

      Ladi Miz is famed for uplifting and teaching through music and 'Family Business' is no exception. Enjoy the album and we appreciate any spins/plays. Ladi Miz is available for drops and interviews. To schedule reply to this email or contact me directly via cell at 609-756-6377. Thank you again for your continued support. Stay well and blessed -Marissa MJ Savino (4x Award-Winning Publicist).  

      'Family Business' DJ Pack (MP3s)

      Connect with Ladi Miz and the family below.

      @LadiMiz | Linktree Entertainment | Ladi Miz 
      @CashOnAble | Linktree
      @Ian95 | Linktree
      @Ray_Merriman | Linktree
      @Papi_Fortune on all platforms 
      @maison_bangers (Instagram)

      Hot Off The Press:
      Who?Mag Distribution Presents
      Essentials Vol.1 Hip Hop


      Grammy Award-Winning WHO?MAG Distribution/SONY Orchard celebrates their 11th year of music distribution with their first volume of "WHO?MAG Distribution Essentials" series (both physical and digital) featuring some of their most sought after releases. 

      With a dream list of top emcees ranging from the most established to the most bubbling underground artists (including Just-Ice & KRS-One, Matt Maddox & Canibus, The UMC's, DJ Grant Shapiro & Kool Keith, Shahroz & Joe Budden, Rhyme Va-Lor & Sadat X, Mikey D, and tons more), this 23 track CD is a must-have for any true Hip Hop heads. 

      For more information on how to get on WHO?MAG Distribution/SONY Orchard, please visit www.whomagdistribution.com.  Vol #2, our R&B edition, drops on Valentine's day.

      DJ's & RADIO HOSTS
      share contest details with your listeners!

      Choose your 3 favorite tracks and add to your playlist https://orcd.co/whomagvol1
      Email your playlist link to music@whomagdistribution.com

      Rob Schwartz
      - CEO of GRAMMY Award-Winning "WHO?MAG Distribution"/SONY Orchard w/ over 850 releases

      - CEO of TV Networks “WHO?MAG Multimedia”, “iFame TV”, & “Video Vision” on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Google Play, and all Cellphones in the App Store
      - CEO of TV Shows "WHO?MAG TV", "Video Vision" & "DMTV" reaching up to 500,000,000 households worldwide!
      - CEO of Multiple Award Winning Movie & TV Production Company “Chetown Films”
      - Voting Grammy Member (Philadelphia Chapter) and Broadcast Pioneers member

      TV/Movie Production Credits - FUSE TV (Director - “Dancin’ On Air” plus "Saturday Morning Fever") ABC (editor - “The Goldberg’s & “Jimmy Kimmel Live”),  MTV (music composer -“Next” & “The City”), FOX (casting - "The Four" & “The Q Show”) & Lion’s Gate Films (music supervisor)



      https://pro.imdb.com/name/nm4059652 (IMDB PRO page)

      NYC’s Best Free and Cheap Summer Outdoor Concert Series







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